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PERUN anvil was designed and created thanks to profession knowledge gained from experienced farriers. Because of its low weight the anvil is excellent for working off-site. The horn has an oval shape and slightly curved upward which allows you to make horseshoes of any size and shape. The convex surface between the face and the horn can be used for quick fullering or bending the material. Despite the small size of the anvil, the face, which is hardened and ground, has a fairly large surface area which allows the processing of even larger horseshoes. In the rear part there are two holes: a square one for holding tools with the mandrel and a round one to pierce nail holes. There is also a fork with the groove, used for forming horseshoes.
The body of the anvil is milled from the bottom, so that it firmly adheres to the base, and this largely reduces the noise generated during forging.
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Farrier anvils PERUN
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