Gas crucible melting furnace


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Portable propane foundry furnace designed to melt metal. Standard furnace is equipped with two burners, main gas valve, thermal safety valve, gas hose and piezo ignition. In the working chamber of the furnace, metal can be melted in a crucible weighing up to 25 kg and a maximum diameter of the crucible up to 220 [mm]. The furnace, for example, allows you to melt 25 kg of brass at a temperature of 1125 ° C (from the start) in about one hour. 

Technical data
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Propane gas crucible melting furnace

Number of burners


Gas consumption

1,6 [kg/h]

Recommended gas cylinder (kg)

33 [kg]

The diameter of the working chamber of the furnace

320 [mm]

The height of the furnace working chamber

370 [mm]

Max. crucible diameter

Ø 220 [mm]

Max. weight of the crucible 

25 [kg]

The weight of the furnace

60 [kg]

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