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It is a professional Hand Bender for serial production of blacksmith elements used in artistic blacksmithing. 
The Bender is equipped with a protractor, which helps you keep the repeatability of bending elements.

The central rolling bearing reduces the force required to bend the material and also reduces the friction of cooperating elements.

We offer different adapters, which allow to bend rods and bars in any way.

Adapter for elements type "C" and "S"

This Adapter is used to bend round bars and flat bars 10 mm thick. The Adapter consists of an adjustable caterpillar track for bending the bars and special rollers which press the material.

By using a variable adjustment 120 -150 mm range, you can individually select the radius of curvature, creating a volute according to your own design. The Adapter is available as VSG 10 and VSP 10.

        VSG 10           VSP 10

Angle Bending Adapter

This Adapter is used to quickly bend round bars and flat bars at any angle. 
The Adapter can bend the round bars 18 mm diameter, the square bars 16x16mm section and various flat bars e.g. 100x5 mm.

Ring Bending Adapter

This Adapter lets you create circles with diameters: Ø 25 - Ø 40 - Ø 60 - Ø 80 - Ø 95 - Ø112 - Ø 138 - Ø 170 - Ø 200 [mm].


The Adapter can be fitted additionally with a roller which allows to bend the oval-shaped "U" elements (​​e.g. ornamental chain links).

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