Locksmith vices K2


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High quality vice made from drop forged steel and surface-hardened for long life. 
The double acme thread screw allows faster adjustment of the jaw opening and is enclosed to keep dirt and debris out of the mechanism. 
K2 vices are available with jaw widths from 100mm to 180mm.
Solid body: Drop-forged from high quality steel. Drop forged. Induction hardened. Solid with the body. Ideal for straightening or similar jobs requiring strong and flat surface. Unbreakable.
Pipe jaws forged integral with the body, Standard in all sizes. Ideal for plumbers and other professions where pipe and tube work is also part of the day.
Technical data

See the table for more technical details.


Jaw width [mm]B100120140160180
Jaw opening [mm]W140150220240240
Jaw depth [mm]S557087107107
Vice height [mm]H138170202240240
Anvil size [mm]axb40x4050x4058x5570x6070x60
Screwhandle [mm]D21313151818
Hole diameter [mm]D19.511.511.51414
Total length [mm]L319376465550550
Hole distanceYxZ72x5897x76119x95139x121139x121
Clamps pipes from/to-ø16-ø40ø16-ø58ø18-ø80ø18-ø98ø18-ø98
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