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Durable and solid locksmith vice with a large anvil, made of steel and cast steel. Replaceeable jaws are hardened and scored. A 30 [mm] diameter screw has a trapezoidal thread. 
The vice is recommended especially for hard locksmith metalworking; it can also be used in the blacksmith workshop.
Technical data

See the table for more technical details.

Jaws width

150 [mm] or 175 [mm]

Jaws opening

220 [mm]

Distance between jaws 
and runner S

105 [mm]

Vice height H

158 [mm]

Anvil length a

210 [mm]

Anvil width b

100 [mm]

Screw knob diameter d1

18 [mm]

Mounting hole diameter d2

from 10 [mm] 
to 14 [mm]

Base length E

300 [mm]

Base width F

200 [mm]

Total length L

525 [mm]


32 [kg]

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