Gas forge VKP 2S



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A one-burner forge perfect for these blacksmiths who want to use it outside the workshop, especially for shoeing horses. The forge is very light and economical with gas consumption of only 1 kg per hour at a constant operating temperature of 1250ºC.
The working chamber is lined with the refractory wool so that the forge heats up and cools down very quickly. The forge has a standard hatch with a lifting handle. The hatch is lined with refractory wool, which reduces heat loss during the work. The hatch can be attached at different heights, depending on the size of the charge.
Due to eliminating the concrete elements, the forge can be tranported in a car or a trailer shortly after using. A special holder for mounting the forge in a car or a trailer can be attached.

Technical data

Check the table for more details.

Type of forge


 Type of burner / type of gas

PB1V / propane, propane butane

ZP1N / natural gas and compressed air

 Gas consumption/ type of burner

PB1V – 0,70-1,0 [kg/h] (x1)

ZP1N - 1,26 [m3/h] (x1)

 Flame temperature

1450 [°C]

 Operating temperature

1250 [°C]

 Chamber dimensions

240 x 210 x 290 [mm]

 Total dimensions280 x 345 x 340 [mm] 

3 [kg]

 Additional equipment

- burner ZP-1N

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