Electrical melting furnace 3 kg



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Electric furnace for melting various types of metals, the melting point of which does not exceed 1150 o C. The furnace has a heating chamber that allows to place a crucible with a capacity of 294 cm3. The furnace working chamber is closed with an insulated cover, equipped with a handle for opening it. The furnace casing is covered with a net to protect against burns. The stable base of the stove is equipped with two handles for carrying it. The temperature is regulated by the PID electronic module with a digital display. Temperature regulation is very precise and the operation of the stove is very simple.

The furnace equipment includes:
- graphite crucible with a capacity of 294 cm3 allowing the melting of 3 kg of metal at a time.
- crucible tongs, 400mm long
- power cord with two plugs.
-user manual.
Technical data
External dimensions of the furnace:
- height 380 mm
- width 350mm
-depth 280 mm

Working chamber dimensions:
- working chamber diameter 65mm
- working chamber depth 160mm

Crucible dimensions:
Crucible capacity 294 cm 3

Total height of the crucible 170 mm
- outer diameter of the collar 75 mm
- crucible outer diameter 60 mm
- internal depth of the crucible 150 mm
- internal diameter of the crucible 50 mm

Oven power: 2.1 [kW]
Voltage: 230 [V]
Maximum working temperature 1150 O C (+/- 0.5%)
Weight 10.5 [kg]
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