Power Hammer ANYANG

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We provide Anyang power hammers, well-known and popular all over the world. These power hammers (weight of the tup from 9 to 75 kg) are ideal for flat die forging. A special steel base, which enlarges the distance from the bottom die surface to the base is added to hammers with the tup weight from 9 to 55kg.
Hammer is equipped with 2 flat dies (top/bottom) and steel base.

See the work of the hammer: VIDEO

Technical data

Check the table for hammer technical details

Weight of the tup [kg]91525405575
Maximum hit energy [kJ]0,090,160,270,530,71
Number of blows per minute [min-l]245245250245230210
Height of the tup [mm]135160240230270300
Dimension of the top and bottom die surface [Lenght x Width in mm]60x3570x40100x50116x53135x60145x65
Maximum diametre of material which can be forged [mm]fi30fi3548687585
Maximum size of material which can be forged [mm]25x2530x3040x4052x5260x4065x65
Distance from bottom die surface to base [mm]325370410500610750
Machine floor space (Lenght x Width in mm)790x550850x5001320x6101265x14701435x16501430x1478
Machine height [mm]9509801300139015901853
Total weight of the hammer [kg]25029072086013002500
Weight of additional base120180280330380-
Motor rate power [kW]1.52.2345.57.5

Anvils for flat die forging

Type anvils

cpl. ANYANG - A
cpl. ANYANG - B
cpl. ANYANG - C
cpl. ANYANG - D
cpl. ANYANG - E
cpl. ANYANG - F
cpl. ANYANG - G
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