Gas forge PKG1


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We offer portable Propane - Butane gas-fired forges. 
The chamber of the forge is lined with a fire-proof material and heated from the top by an injection blowpipe.
The back wall of the forge consists of movable plates, which enables heating long items in a certain area. 
Additional equipment of the forge may include: a reducer fixed to a bottle, a hose with appropriate ends, or a rack under the forge with a handle (eg. to hang the tongs on). 
Technical data

See the table for more technical details.

Type of forge

PKG -1

Type of gas


Working temperature

1100 oC


~ 39 kg

Type of fire-proof lining

sintered corundum

Width of chamber

210 [mm]

Height of chamber

160 [mm]

Depth of chamber

250 [mm]

Gas consumption

~ 1,5 kg/h

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